Future Development for Sony and the PSX2 and PSX3.
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Future Development for Sony and the PSX2 and PSX3. Now that the Game Developers Conference is over what do you think of the plans for the PSX3? It may even have an IBM architecture underneath.
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Sadly, both of those articles are very low on details. Lots of interesting hints about the future though.
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A great instance of Slashdot following Metafilter for a change! They just picked up the story.
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Sony seems to have broken the world record for "shortest time from the release of a console to the start of unfounded speculation about its sequel."

Video game journalism is crap. Video game fans who argue about video game systems before they come out are idiots. I, of course, am an idiot -- but at least I realize it.
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i blame penny arcade for making me so interested in video games. i don't even play that many, but i'm always excited to hear news like this.
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This really is dumb. Sony still doesn't really get it. Maybe if their developers concentrated more on what they *can* do with their equipment instead of what they can't, we might have more interesting games coming out. We don't need a console that's 1000 times more powerful than this or that to make cool games. Do'nt get me wrong, all that power can be cool, but game design is far more important than hardware will ever be.
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EE times article with this bit:

"Okamoto also said that Sony will roll out broadband gaming features and services for the Playstation 2 this year, working with partners such as America Online, iMode, Telewest and Vodaphone. Those services will use a so-called Dynamic Network Authorization System for copyright management. The system is based on a disk ID that is read by a DNAS server, he said."
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ookamaka: it's not dumb... it's marketing (ok, same thing). The problem Sony is having is that there is a perception that the PS2 is not as powerful of a machine as the XBox, AND I've heard that developing for it can be a bear.

Where as companies that are already planning PC ports of console games (or console ports from PC) have an easier path and can spend more time doing optimization rather than porting.

The biggest problem in this is the direst competion w/ XBox, because MS's system has a newer graphics subsystem (better? maybe...) the staple games that sell every year (mainly Sports games) just look better right now.

or, I could be full of shit-- I'm not a game developer.
posted by tj at 2:06 AM on March 25, 2002

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