It's the Topps!
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"I like making things I feel should exist, like these faux vintage wax pack wrappers."
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That gum you like is going to come back in style.
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My thought process:

"I want these to exist for real!"

"I'd probably buy zero or one pack, at most."

"Oh, I guess that's probably why they don't exist."
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It's not just that I would have loved to have had Ziggy Stardust cards (although I should note that the picture is actually that of my nom de blue--check my profile), but that the art looks just like the sort of art that a cartoonist of the era (maybe one of the lesser MAD magazine artists) would have done.
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Agent Cooper looks like he has Ray Walston's face.
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I would buy ALL of these. I wish they were tshirts !!!
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