Cut to the chase exercise demos and calorie info
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MuscleWiki, a website to try and simplify fitness and exercise.

Their FaceBook page.

Their Twitter page. a website I made with the aim of providing info on specific exercises and muscle groups in a concise and intuitive environment, using gifs and basic instructions. I got really frustrated watching 10 minute videos when I just needed the tldr; In the future we hope to enable a community of fitness enthusiasts to improve and express themselves through access to a comprehensive body of valuable information and a platform to share their own content with other members.

I just launched, so what you see is only a fraction of our vision for the site. We are planning to include female, at home, bodyweight etc type exercises soon and expand beyond workouts I'm currently building some tools into the site and the female stuff is coming mid April (just have filming/editing to do).
Any input or expressed interest appreciated.
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Hopefully the beginning of a comprehensive site. For its wealth of content if not its UI and user-friendliness, I like
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I have to say, is, despite any baggage the name may come with, pretty straightforward, simple and comprehensive. And you can select exercises according to equipment too.
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I noticed that you can't click on the obliques. I realize the website is pretty new, but I also wonder if it has something to do with the fact that some bodybuilders try to avoid building up their obliques because they detract from the overall aesthetic look.
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Ha, came in to recommend! Its design is kind of old school, but I don't think it's difficult to navigate and it's got a wealth of information.
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But what exercises do I need to really blast my masseters?
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Ok, but is there a workout calculator that tells me how many times a week I work out if I do it every other day?
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Monday-Wednesday-Friday ... and then you take Sunday off because it's the Lord's day.
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I just clicked to watch all the GIFs
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Hard to take this seriously when the advice given when you click on the hands is "high rep clapping".
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