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'Handsfree' is wonderful (included in last link above) - give it a minute or two, and you'll be there for the duration. Haven't given the album a proper listen yet, but 'Nautilus' is already a favourite in our kitchen.
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Oddly, the video makes me want to go out and get something from IKEA.
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The album is marvellous, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes this sort of thing. Oddly, Taken reminds me of The Chap (e.g.), which is a good thing, because they're awesome and my favourite live band that I can actually go and see.

Nautilus and Orlok are particularly fantastic, and a lot of her stuff reminds me of the kind of music I was listening to in the early 80s - not just Glass and Reich and Nyman but people who've been forgotten now, such as Regular Music and Andrew Poppy. Which is, I suppose, like middle-aged people in 1981 approving of the Stray Cats because they reminded them of their youth.
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