Raise what's left of the flag for me, with animated horses
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Random audio-visual mash-up du jour: What's Left of the Flag by Flogging Molly, set to video clips from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, which doesn't originally have nearly such rousing music (score by Hans Zimmer, with more songs by Bryan Adams).
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If you want more Flogging Molly, here's their discography, as full albums on YouTube:
Alive Behind the Green Door (1997, live album - YT playlist)
Swagger (2000)
Drunken Lullabies (2002)
Within a Mile of Home (2004)
Whiskey on a Sunday (2006, acoustic/live compilation album - YT playlist)
Float (2008)
Live at the Greek Theatre (2010, 48 minute live set - video)
Speed of Darkness (2011)

And from there, YouTube will likely offer you a bunch more Celtic and Irish punk.
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MOAR Flogging Molly! I've seen them live a half-dozen times. Their talent is precise, raw and true, and their energy is amazing. Thanks flt!
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That horse sure does have some bedroom eyes.
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Yes, yes she does.

I first saw this video with my young son, who then requested we watch it again (and again and again). The plus: Flogging Molly! The minus: strange moments from the film, which is decent on the whole (no talking animals, but there is some definite anthropomorphization going on).
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That song and those images are a surprisingly good fit. I like this! (But then, I think Flogging Molly is a lot of fun without video.)
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Hearing the word 'vase' sung in an Irish accent with the American pronunciation sounds really weird to me. (The British, and as far as I know Irish English, way is 'varse', not 'vays'.)
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I used to know Bridget Regan's sister very briefly back when I lived in Atlanta. Her then-boyfriend and she decided to decamp there for some reason; I ended up back at their apartment once, watching old black and white movies, then eating egg sandwiches the next morning while listening to industrial music.
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That song and those images are a surprisingly good fit. I like this!

Thanks! I agree - I wanted some excuse to share it, and today seemed like an appropriate day.
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That was...

.....surprisingly moving.
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Darn. I was expecting some cool/weird/independent animation. Ah, well, always nice to hear Flogging Molly twice in a row on the blue! Puts one in a holiday mood, it ders!
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I saw Flogging Molly in London a while back... 50 year old punks with mohicans and tartan bondage trousers, plenty of pogoing and beer flying everywhere... a memorable evening. Made me feel quite young again.

When 43rd Jr and I play open mics around London, we always include the odd Flogging Molly song just in case people aren't paying attention. If they're talking over the music when we start, they certainly aren't by the time we finish...
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