No cows were tipped in the making of this video
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Betessläpp: like the last day of school for cows. Assuming the last day of school had huge cheering crowds.
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Its particularly noticeable when the cows are in motion, but what is going on with the strange effect blurring the grass behind the cows immediately next to them?
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That doesn't look anything like Bovine University.
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Rural life has its pleasures, but few to compare with seeing a shedful of cattle let out to pasture after a winter cooped up eating silage. The intensity of bovine joy is enough to melt paint from fences.

Wasn't enough to keep me down on the farm, of course. Cow bliss is fleeting, manure is forever.
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Blasdelb: probably a byproduct of the frame interpolation used to create the fake slow motion effect.
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I grew up on a beef farm in a relatively mild climate (northern England). Our cattle didn't spend that long indoors over the winter and they were well fed and bedded over that time. But the day they were released back into the open... wow. Always worth seeing. I think that unless you spend time around these animals it is easy to miss how large they are. To see them leaping in the air, jostling and just generally stampeding around and around the fields - very impressive.
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As a northern dweller I can SO identify with these happy beasts. It's Spring and EVERYONE needs to go outside and dance!
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I, too, fondly remember the cows being led to pasture in Spring. The sight of ordinarily dignified, slow moving, large animals sprinting around (with their udders swinging hither and yon) is quite something. Once the initial exuberance was expended, they would get down to the serious business of settling the hierarchy within the herd – a sight that certainly made it clear that it is good that these animals are normally docile. Once the fighting was over, peace would reign until next Spring.

I imagine that standards vary from country to country, but if nothing else you should buy organic milk as that will probably ensure that the cows are out on the pastures during Summer (adding character to the landscape in the process, I might add) – at least in the high efficiency Danish conventional dairy farming, it makes more economic sense to keep the cows inside (they are free to move around, but cows on grass are more fun).
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I guess cows don't feel a need for sports bras? I would, if I were that well-endowed and that exuberant.
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