Colonels Of Truth
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Sanders and his criminal associates.
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Feel the Harl
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Sounds to me that Colonel Sanders, was not, in fact...

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That was trigger finger good.
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This should have a KFC tag. Because for a while, it was just KFC.
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Here's his house in Mississauga, Ontario from '65 until his death. I understand he still spent the winters down south - like a lot of Canadian retirees.
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Wait...KFC is...Canadian?
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"like a wizard casting a poultry hex"

Funniest line in a funny article.
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I quite liked the line immediately after that, though it's funny in a somewhat different way:

The eggs sailed, egg-like, across the expanse between them.
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That picture with the crow on his shoulder with the penny in its beak is some straight up Stephen King Dark Tower shit.
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That line's a Lyttle Lytton contender.
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The "...with Alice Cooper for some reason" photo caption was a nice touch.

Also, although I rarely think "this should be a movie," this should be a movie. Barring that, there's a novel in here somewhere.
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In 1935 or 1936, in recognition of Sanders’ midwifery work, food donations, and his regular shuttling of townsfolk to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, Kentucky governor Ruby Laffoon commissioned Harland Sanders as a “Kentucky Colonel,” the highest title of honor bestowed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Two-fisted, gun-toting, foul-mouthed... midwife, AA-sponsor and one-man foodbank in Hell's Half Acre. Good goddamn if he didn't earn that Colonel's commission. He followed that up by putting his new career as a restaurateur on hold during The War to help keep the nuclear scientists in Oak Ridge properly fed. Then he went on to mentor Dave Thomas. Wow, this is kind of awesome...
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Wow. Just wow, dude.
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"By July 1940, Sanders had developed a system to fry chicken to golden brown in about eight minutes"..
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This was a damn good episode of damn interesting. The way he got ripped off in the end was sad, though
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They should have made Forrest Gump about Colonel Sanders, I don't even know exactly what that means but it seems right
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I have it on the authority of someone in a position to know that the Colonel, Dave Thomas, and Bob Evans would go on road trips (this must have been in the 70s), driving around to local diners and family restaurants to see what food people were making, and if something they really liked made its way onto a menu at one of their restaurants later on, so much the better. Apparently one of these trips somehow ended up in New Orleans, leading to my acquaintance getting a midnight phone call from Dave begging for someone, anyone to come get him off this damn riverboat with the Colonel.
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I met him the year before he died. I was maybe nineteen, working a tourist trap summer job. He was traveling with a big family group, but a little too frail to take the tour. So I ended up talking to him and one of his daughters for about half an hour. He seemed a very nice guy, genuinely interested in what a young man thought about things, and rather bemused at his fame.
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My favourite pun might be "the seasoned veteran".
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Quite the life that man had.

First time I was in London I stumbled across a KFC and decided to eat there as I had not set foot in one before (Norway has no franchises of KFC at all, actually), but the experience was rather underwhelming. And the line in the article about the modern seasoning being mostly salt, pepper, sugar and MSG rings true. Maybe I should stick to home cooking, as there are apparently several people online who have dedicated a lot of time and energy in recreating the original recipe.
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While in Mississauga, Colonel Sanders endowed a family care centre.
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Asperity: The snopes link is from The Repository Of Lost Legends. Click on the additional information link on the bottom. (Hint: Kentucky Fried Chicken didn't change their name, even for just a while.)
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Bayreader: I remember when it was announced that they were changing their name to KFC, all over the news of the day. The Snopes page may be deliberately false, but I think that's saying the reasoning given on the page, the story about the copyrighting of the name, is what's wrong, and the "downplay fried" story is what's correct.

When you go to their webpage, they refer to themselves as KFC Corporation.

Ah, here's an article from 1991 discussing the change.
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Thinking about it, just modifying a pressure cooker to experiment with cooking oil at high temperature and extreme pressure takes crazy balls.
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Kanadian Fried Chicken?

This was a thing: Scott's Chicken Villa.

See also:

A Finger Lickin’ Good Mississauga Colonel

Some of those Scott's Chicken Villa locations are still around..

My parents rarely bought KFC, so when they did it was a big deal. True story: I recall they once said "The colonel's coming to cook tonight." I was just at the right age where it seemed like it was plausible, and was sad when my dad came home with only the chicken and no Harlan Sanders in tow.
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Wait, they only named one neighborhood in Kentucky “the asshole of creation?”
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Someone call Norm Macdolnald!
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Am I the only one that is now thinking the Colonel would have made a great character on Justified?
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