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nerdwriter is some certified Good Shit. i really enjoyed his piece on ghost in the shell linked in the last thread
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Suddenly I'm reading and seeing blocking all over the net. It seems like a very fundamental aspect of visual arts but very difficult to actually grasp and implement.

Any suggestions for books for more in-depth information on the topic?
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There have been a couple recent FPPs that are related, but I'm guessing that's part of the 'all over the net' you've been seeing.
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The nerdwriter has got really, really good. The level of polish in his videos must take ages to achieve.
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Re Hitchcock, he was a real big pre planner and story boarder, shots and blocking all done months and months ahead and the scene shown is an excellent example of how much visual storytelling you can get into a five minute scene that's two people talking in a room.
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(Las Menias was, in person, proudly affecting. It felt like a door opened in the wall and you could walk right into the studio.)
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I was struck by his sense of blocking being related to the floorplan when I would assume that it has to do with The Frame of the film.
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He does a very nice job of laying out his arguments. I saw the Beatles SPLHCB album cover appreciation the other day and enjoyed it a great deal.

I left him a comment regarding this, the Vertigo post which I'll share with you, too:

My favorite Hitchcock blocking is the diner scene in The Birds with the ornithologist. Look for the triangular compositions that keep forming throughout the scene.
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Hitchcock was a master of boredom. His pacing could be deliberate, arch, droll, banal, mesmerizing the viewer into a stupor, just dull enough to snap the hard shock when the time was right.
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Vertigo Soundtrack by Bernard Herrmann. It's like a kinda moody symphony that I've been listening lately.
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My favourite one is still the one about A Serious Man. Good pacing, that video.
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This was great! Thanks for posting!
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Bookmarked, thanks.
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