I didn't know how to protect myself if that meant disappointing men.
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"Just recently, I began to see what I lost. It wasn't a job, a wife, a house. There was no tangible evidence of my fall, no record of my mistakes to be expunged. There was only the wreckage of my early adulthood, the loss of my unstoppable nature, and the empty hole where once my confidence grew. There was only a string of decisions to run and run again, to hide from ambition, to leave the theater forever, and to disown my dedication as a childish fantasy. And the reinforcement of my suspicion that I was only visible when I was wanted, and that nothing about me would ever eclipse my objecthood." (Content warning for child sex abuse)
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Wow that is a great piece of writing.
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Woah. This was fabulous writing. I held my breath while reading it, and saw a lot of myself and my past in the writing.
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Yep, strong writing. Still can't finish it. Just don't have the stomach for it. Maybe another day.
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