A Study of Perceptions
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The Lunch Date is a ten-minute short film directed by Adam Davidson. It won the 1990 Short Film Palm d'Or at Cannes, the 1991 Academy Award for Best Short Subject, and in 2013 was placed in the Library of Congress. h/t Open Culture’s list of free movies
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Oh every time I stumble on a word, or or or, I wonder when I will suddenly be lost, in what was once familiar terrain.

Nice little film.
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In case you (like I) were trying to figure out which name in the credits belonged to which actor, the Lady was Scotty Bloch and the Man was the late Clebert Ford.
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Besides being a wonderful little film, this made me intensely nostalgic for the Grand Central of the '80s — that newsstand was where I bought the Village Voice on my way to my job in the Pan Am Building!
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Thank you very much for posting this. It was a bright spot in a lonesome day.
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Reminiscent of a scene from a Douglas Adams novel.
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I first encountered this scenario in the Ian McEwan novel Solar. It is an urban myth of long standing (which I suppose doesn't mean it hasn't actually happened to someone).
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This was the answer to an Askme from a few months ago.
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Douglas Adams said this happened to him first: and he told David Letterman

That makes it true. Then.
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I saw this at a film festival in the 90s and have though of it so often. And I have searched but could never find it. Thank you for posting it!
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