From Afrofuturism to Virtual Reality
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An ad for small-batch bourbon appeared. Sounds hopeful to me.
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I don't know if I'm the wrong generation to understand this, or if I live too far from Brooklyn, or if I'm too much in a queer bubble, but there was exactly one point of intersection between what my interests are - or even what I've heard of - and everything else on this list.

... but the account isn’t mere retweets. Posts focus on real-life issues, like a recent poll asking: “Do you consider a press badge enough payment for festival coverage?”

Or, possibly, it's satire.
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Some thoughts along the way...

We finally understand the enormous impact of David Bowie’s life
Look, we might as well argue how much of Velvet Goldmine was made up, but I'm pretty sure Bowie had an emerald pin of uncertain origin in his possessions.

Democracy in music, via platforms
Distribution, yes. However, half of selling records is making people aware of what you're selling. If an artist already has a network of a few hundreds of acquaintances to spread the word, or even a easily marketable angle/sound, it gets easier and cheaper to cash in. If you don't, you are the hands of tastemaker blogs, sending download codes one after another hoping one of them thinks the work is worth writing for. Multiply that by thousands doing that every day hoping to get something going, and the future doesn't seem as rosy as the "put your stuff on bandcamp away from label suits, and see your bank account grow" future every bandcamp article suggests.

Suede finding a way to make getting older as romantic as being young
Suede, along Pulp, were the best two bands coming out of the Britpop era, and I think in the future this will become more and more apparent. Also: If Brett Anderson can grow up, maybe there’s hope for the rest of us too. If I looked now like Brett Anderson looks at almost 50, I wouldn't mind growing up too.

The success of Stardew Valley
I'm interested in buying two games this year: SV and Block'Hood.

Lush reunited
I hope it's just a matter of time before Cocteau Twins and Curve hit the road again.

John Oliver’s real fake news power slams
I get that the author didn't pick up the show as it started, but the beacon for 2016 is Samantha Bee. Not that Oliver is old news or declined in quality, but at a time I find TDS still struggling, Bee went it full power from day one and doesn't look like slowing down anytimes soon.

The A-Block of The Nightly Show
The A-Block, really, because other than the excellent Mike Yard, the hit-or-miss ratio is too low. The two best fake news shows (LWT and FF) completely throw away the guests bit, bit the CC block is still holding to the concept. More Larry/Yard and less rest would probably go a long way. I'm not saying to completely cut guests, but use them as events. Think of Craig Ferguson's Peabody-winning Desmond Tutu interview.
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Yeah, if Yard doesn't get his own show somewhere before the end of 2017, I give the fuck up.
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It took me a little while to recognize Thomas Morton, host of the VICELAND Balls Deep series mentioned in the last item, as having also been the protagonist of another VICE video from an FPP of a couple years ago about Vietnam War reenactors.
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This article ain't it.
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