"Draw a picture of a whale"
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So basically, he invented Post-its.

(Also, that was a really funny piece)
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And of course speaking of making things "stick" ... the patented Mark Twain Sticky-Scrapbook!
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The link at the bottom is about how mark twain liked to play a tabletop game that was all about remembering the year in which rulers ascended, battles were fought, and other minor events. Each half-hour game could be centered on a different century, country, or both.

my god... what people got up to before the internet
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Stephen of Blois? Pssh. Everyone knows the Empress Maud should be rightfully in that spot and not the usurper.
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That creature is a jamboree. It looks like a trademark, but that is only an accident and not intentional. It is prehistoric and extinct. It used to roam the earth in the Old Silurian times, and lay eggs and catch fish and climb trees and live on fossils; for it was of a mixed breed, which was the fashion then.

How could you not love this?
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That is Henry VIII, suppressing a monastery in his arrogant fashion.

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I can make a better steer than that when I am not excited. But this one will do. It is a good-enough steer for history.

God bless Mark Twain.
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Still fun now, rebent! With color pictures.
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Here's clew's link, fixed:

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"These chapters are for children, and I shall try to make the words large enough to command respect."

I mean that's his opening sentence and it's already funny enough to make my eyes damp. I rue the day that there's no more Twain for me to discover - I try to dole it out sparingly and make it last my entire life.
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