"No one is making decisions for me."
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This post was deleted for the following reason: This is a lengthy story about how she really doesn't want to be the subject of all this attention; maybe not a great thing to be throwing a lot of extra attention on? -- LobsterMitten

I saw these responses to that piece in the comments of The Toast link roundup as well:
mistressmatiss: Melissa Gira Grant Puts Heroic Escort Heather Through The Buzzsaw On Buzzfeed

Dr. Brooke Magnanti: #Ethics in Sex Work Journalism
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FB post from Heather:
I wanted to let ppl know that i was asked by alot of different journalists to talk about the incident with Neal Falls. Especially, right after it happened. This is not a story i want published about me. I feel that Melissa Gira Grant is exploiting me by still publishing this story about me. I DID NOT authorize her to publish this story. I feel that she is exploiting me and my name by publishing that story about me especially when during that time, I was still in shock and very sick.

[I hope I am not stepping on your post!]
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Holy shit, that buzzfeed header graphic gave me a headache and I didn't even look at it that long.
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