"What do you plan to do with the wings?"
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Rex Ridenoure's sister, LouAnn, a Southwest flight attendant, was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. "As he waited to board a Southwest flight to see her, partially fearing he wouldn't make it in time to say goodbye, Ridenoure decided he would somehow turn his cross-country journey into the proper farewell celebration she deserved."
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What a brother, and what a great group of crew & passengers.
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So much dust in the room today. What a lovely story; I'm amazed at the art passengers were able to create during the flight.
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Awesome story. It makes me remember, though, that one of my sister's wasn't able to be there when my mom passed away from cancer because none of the airlines in Chicago, including Southwest, would give her the slightest bit of help getting to any of the three major airports in the Bay Area in time. The best she could do was get on a standby list for a flight to LAX with another standby flight to SFO a day later. For that reason alone I hope this story doesn't serve as good PR for Southwest.
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It should serve as good PR for those lovely passengers.
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Sometimes things just work out.

I'm sorry, Thoughtcrime, that sometimes they don't.
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It sure is odd that there was nothing else to write on but a bunch of Airline paraphernalia advertising their low fares and stuff. It's so difficult these days to be sure that it isn't actually another grotesque marketing stunt.
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Most people are really good. I say this every day.
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