We just did it and then we did another and then we did another.
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Patricia Moodian: Really it was easy to find the women to participate. There were talented and able women everywhere, chafing at the bit to get a chance to show they could do such amazing work. I did make the calls, have the meetings at my humble abode, and dealt with Turner. The brilliant and legendary Trina Robbins had already published the first all-women comic, and I was very motivated by all that she taught me.
An oral history of Wimmen's Comix. Part Two.
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I'm so glad to see Trina Robbins mentioned in the quote! I met her at an indie event I was covering in the early 2000s, and she was the only creator there who did not comment on how I, a woman, was at a comics show. I highly recommend her book From Girls to Grrls.
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Robbins' stuff has made me a little impatient with its breezy, coffee-table-book approach, but on the other hand, there's not much out there that covers this topic, and I discovered at least four amazing women comic artists through her, so I need to just not complain so much.

The history of women in comics has really only barely been told, though. There's still so much unexamined, forgotten, or ignored.
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This is fucking awesome.
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Thanks for this link. I recently got the big new boxed set, and this will be good background for it.
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There are two who I totally fell in love with: Shary Fleniken amd M K Brown (who was so totally off the tree I was convinced she was an alien). They imagined stuff that no guy in the 70s could ever come up with.
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Excellent history; thanks for linking to it.
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