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The 2016 Image Expo, a satellite event to this years Emerald City Comiccon, brought a wealth of announcements and new comics. It also saw the unveiling of the Creators for Creators grant: The goal of the Creators for Creators grant is to help pave the way for the next generation of comics creators by supporting their work financially and through mentorship, as well as providing opportunities for their creations to reach a wide audience. We plan to give $30,000 to a single cartoonist or writer/artist duo in order to support the creation of a new and original work of a length between sixty-four and one hundred pages over the course of a single year.

Founders of the grant include a rnage of Image creators as well as Spike Trotman of Iron Circus Comics, and they will be providing support and advice to go alongside the money.
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@David Uzimeri: this comics grant could be even bigger than alan OR morrison
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Kinda wishing I had an artist. Or an ending for my story idea.

Ah, time and energy. You are fickle lovers.
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Or an ending for my story idea.

I usually recommend the all-purpose ending, "And they all got run over by a truck." HTH. HAND.
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I'm so excited about Isola. I've been a fan of Karl Kerschl since I began reading The Abominable Charles Christopher. He has said that this new comic is going to explore some of the same themes as TACC, and I am really looking forward to it.
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Spike not only hasn't worked on Templar, AZ in many months, she hasn't even fixed its webpage, so the work to-date can't even be viewed.

Hopefully she isn't providing advice for finishing work, on time or at all.
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ten pounds of inedita: I find that to be a really snide and uncharitable dig, and I say that as somebody who even owns one of the sections of Templar, AZ in paperback.

I'm really sad that Templar, AZ has fallen to the wayside in Spike's list of priorities. I really enjoyed it. But I think these other things she's doing are much more important. I think she can do a lot more good in the comics world providing her talents as a publisher than by producing one good web comic, and what's more, those things pay her money and other offers money. The web site might not be working, but if somebody really wanted to view the work to date, the books are available for purchase.

Yes, should could open a Patreon if it was just about renumeration for the time spent on the comic, but I think being a publisher is her true passion. And that's something a lot of web comic authors could really use and need!
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I own all our collections. I mean to be snide and uncharitable. She's yet another creator I've paid money to for unfinished work.
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All *four*, I mean.
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