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the DIY action film studio from the slums of Uganda that took over the Internet and made it plausible for anyone in the world to become an East African kung fu movie commando.

A longform article by David Bertrand from Hazlitt, about Nabwana Isaac Godfrey Geoffrey, head of Wakaliwood Uganda Action Cinema; and his brother Robert, who co-founded Uganda's first kung fu school .

Here's the Youtube channel for Wakaliwood.
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Previously: Alalalalalalalala ACTION!!! (2010), "It takes every guy in Wakaliwood to help with Medinah's costume" (2014), MOAR Supa Action!!!! (2015).

Not on FanFare yet, afaict.
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Thanks effbot!
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FTA: Later, the Ugandans sip hot water with lemongrass while we mzungus drink Nescafé.

Jeez, the plural of mzungu is azungu, get it together.

But seriously, these appear way more up my alley than the Tanzanian soap operas I usually end up watching after a day of field work.
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Jeez, the plural of mzungu is azungu, get it together.

In Uganda, I think they more commonly say either "bazungu" or "wazungu"
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Depending, if I recall correctly, upon whether their speech is influenced more by Luganda (or another more 'local' language) or Swahili
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