"Watch our favorite pop star ascend to the Swiftian heights"
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I AM SO EXCITED this video is perfection.
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Yessssssssss I love it!!!!!
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Goddamn that song is such a monster jam. The whole album really. The video totally nails it. I've already seen gifsets of it on tumblr.
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The whole E*MO*TION album is just perfection from beginning to end. This video is fantastic and I hadn't heard of the gay reading of the song before and I love that too. CRJ is everything that is great about pop music and then some and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. I like this post, is what I'm saying.
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Did Daft Punk produce that track? The beat is amazing.
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This was a great pop song and a very enchanting video. I like that the song is actually melodic instead of the schoolyard singsong that is so pervasive in a lot of current pop stuff.

Jensen seems to be working on a bit of a career readjust. NPR devoted 8 minutes of ATC to the release of Emotion, which feels like a publicist move, not NPR reaching out. And Fresh Air also had good things to say about the album. I think she's trying to take her appealing, more mature material to a demographic that looks like me, and to be honest, it's working.
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I would, however, be remiss if I did not link the NIN/Jepsen mashup Call Me A Hole in this thread.
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Hippybear, I don't know if I like that, I can't watch it at work, but I am favoriting because I'm happy to know it exists.
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Hippybear, thanks for the NIN mashup wormhole I am now in.

Currently listening (NIN+Lorde)
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Caduceus: Oh, you will like it. Check it out when you get home.
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I hope bass heavy pop funk never dies. Very fun. Unfortunately couldn't get into the video as it was a bit jumpy.
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The jumpiness is the point. It's largely a depiction of how young women of today use social media to contact each other about their lives. It jumps because that is how tracking all those different things (apps and people) is in real life.

Watch it again. It's actually pretty charming.
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That bass line sounds like it was lifted right out of a 70 disco tune.
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Hippybear, thanks for the NIN mashup wormhole I am now in.

It's not a mashup but the Devo cover of Head Like a Hole is also worthwhile.
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The casual diversity of this video is really lovely. Each of those girls gets a moment as the subject and center of the frame. They're not just there as props--they're costars.
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Okay, I want to favorite hippybear's link again. Like 3 or 4 times.
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I did not like many of the songs on her album initially. For instance, "I really really like you".
Then I saw the video with Tom Hanks and now I love it.
Looks like boy problems is getting another look.
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This was my experience too and my god, if you guys haven't seen that video, truly - go watch. How much charm? All the charm.
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Okay, so I went and bought this album based on this thread, and while the actual CD hasn't arrived yet, Amazon gave me a digital copy of the album and it is pretty outstanding.

I've been trying to figure out sort of where it fits into my music library. At first I was thinking Janet Jackson in the 80s, but it's actually Paula Abdul around the Spellbound album that it compares to the best. This is an entirely positive comparison.

Thanks! I needed some pop in my life, and I grow weary of the playground sing-song of most of today's charts. This is a fresh breeze in my life right now, and I am very happy to have it!
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