It's Art, But Is It Funny?
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New trend: adding funny captions to classic (or at least OLD) works of art. Steve Melcher's "That Is Priceless" has found slightly-off-center pieces of classical painting and given them more contemporary (and very logical) contexts since 2009. Now, "Popquotery" matches Old Art (some familiar, some not) to Less-Old Movie Quotes (mostly familiar). And "Classic Programmer Paintings" re-contextualizes art in terms Software Engineers can understand. Fine Art is for everybody, right?
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Nice stuff! Throwing in Mallory Ortberg's Western Art History as well.
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Yeah, The Toast was the first thing that came to mind for me, too.

My absolute favorite in that series is Men Who Have Finally ‘Found Their Sound’ In Western Art History. Hysterical.
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The original title was 'Keep it cool Mona, he doesn't know you farted ... yet'.
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Every woman ever is constantly fashioning a plausible cute lie to get out of everything ever and all men are actually dumb little boys COOL EXEGESIS BRO
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What? No. It's a fart joke. Sheesh.
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80% of all Classic Paintings can be interpreted as fart jokes. Just look at their faces. 500 years of artists' models just trying to hold it in...
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And also.
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El Hematocrítico de Arte began posting in 2011 and it's got two books in paper and all. Captions in Spanish and mock-Italian/French/German/English.
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Thanks for these! Another that I like: Gothic Gossip Girl on Instagram
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The Forgotten Marx Brother, Speedo
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