There is no ending to that thought.
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"But theirs is a loss that never can be recovered." John DeShazier on the death of former New Orleans Saints Defensive End Will Smith. Smith was 34.
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I read this ealier in a headline and thought they both had been killed.

I just now realized that she was shot and is alive.

Jesus I can't imagine what that must feel like bc just thinking about it makes me feel fucking awful.

I hope his family gets thru this ok. I hope there's some kind of "murder victim" policy that means his family gets a huge payout from his NFL contract.

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It's just baffling that gun control is even a discussion at this point - someone empties a clip into a family over a car accident that they didn't even cause.

And yet the anti-control NRA folk's mind can twist horror after horror into, "But I'll be safe if I have a gun," which is what their ultimate selfish thought is. Despite all evidence to the contrary, they cannot envision themselves (or their children) in a situation where their big badass self with a gun won't save the day.

And decade after decade we all pay for that twisted pretzel cognitive dissonance.
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He played at OSU the last two years I was there. I graduated just before we won the national championship, in no small part due to the most absolutely unbelievable defensive line I've ever seen, led by Will Smith. He was a college national champion and a Super Bowl champion, and a team captain in college and the NFL. That tells you something.

I used to love watching replays of the 03 Fiesta Bowl. It got harder after Sean Taylor was killed, and now it's going to be even harder. RIP.
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The accused was also a football star.
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In the wake of Smith's death, Saints head coach Sean Payton says he hates guns.

I mean, Payton is a god in New Orleans, so I don't think he was taking a giant risk here. But it's still refreshing to hear an opinion from outside the Overton window.
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