"A beautiful speech! But of course it has to be demolished."
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The Drinking Party (1965): a modern dress re-enactment of Plato's Symposium, written and directed by Jonathan Miller. Leo McKern stars as a rather donnish Socrates.

Miller and McKern reteamed in 1966 to tackle The Death of Socrates.
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Leo McKern made everything better, including the "Prisoner" episodes where he was the definitive 'Number Two' (which many people would be surprised there were only two of, plus 'Former Number Two' in the finale). This was all during a incredibly definitive late-60s period when he also played 'Clang' in the Beatles' "Help" and Oliver Cromwell in the movie version of "A Man For All Seasons". The Golden Age of Leo McKern.
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I saw him on stage in Boswell for the defense (which i see to my displeasure is to be made into a movie starring Steve Coogan) and he had such a wittiness about him combined with an ability to imply violence that was riveting.
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He ruined Rumpole as a character for any other actor.

For those who fancy some more Greek, Radio 4 had a half-hour programme earlier today of stand-up comedy about Aristophanes.
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Um, Thomas Cromwell. Oliver Cromwell was not even a Hershey bar in his daddy's back pocket under Henry VIII.
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McKern is great, however.
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Boy, they don't make 'em like that anymore.
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I'm so glad you linked this! It and The Death of Socrates sound like they're right up my alley, and I love Leo McKern. I've read the article and am very much looking forward to watching them both.
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How good was he in Ladyhawke!!!
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Marvellous comic turn by Alan Bennett as Eryximachus (starts at 9:41).
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