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In Mystery Skulls Animated: Ghost, we met some van-driving interfering youths with more backstory than a certain 1960's TV show ever had (Mystery Inc. notwithstanding). Now it's time reacquaint and just plain acquaint outselves with foes old and new older in Mystery Skulls Animated: Freaking Out.

Official animation blog
Bandcamp page
TVTropes page (including links to worldbuilding blog posts)
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Also, this unofficial music video for the Mystery Skulls song Magic, which one might interpret as a sequel to the other official music video for Ghost.
posted by BiggerJ at 11:58 PM on April 15, 2016

Oh man yes Mystery Skulls

I can't be the only one who was introduced to their music through that Ace Attorney animated music video
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How fun. I've never seen these, but I came to Mystery Ghosts via the blogosphere a few years back, and found his debut album to be a delightfully mindless windows-down highway dancefloor record of a type I hear all too rarely these days. Thanks for this.
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Great stuff! The TVTropes page clarifies a LOT of stuff. I'm amazed at the sheer amount creativity and execution on display in these videos.
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These cartoons are so beautifully economical in their wordless storytelling.
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I love this. I didn't realize how much I'd enjoy a variant on the Scooby gang that featured actual supernatural stuff. I get the feeling that Cartoon Network or ADHD will scoop up Mystery Ben soon- a Steven Universe take on a Mystery Inc. style ghost hunter team would be terrific.
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