White dreads matter?
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"You can tell me that the decisions I made are right or wrong but what we need to focus on is the wrong in the response to the video. In the aftermath, I have been the subject of violence in the form of death threats, rape threats, sexual harassment, and anti-Black hate speech. "

Last month, a video surfaced depicting an ongoing confrontation between a black woman, Bonita Tindle, and a white man, Cory Goldstein, over the latter's dreadlocks.

Since the video was posted, it has been trumpeted by some on the right as an example of reverse racism, while some in the black community wonder whether this "silly confrontation" was worthwhile.

Both Tindle and Goldstein are artists, and while Goldstein uses has used the publicity to promote his work as a DJ, Tindle, a photographer and cinematographer, has gone into social media silence, deleting or disabling her accounts, and has had to move and change her cell phone number as a result of the harassment that she has received.

While Goldstein still disagreed with Tindle's stance in the video on April 2nd he stated that he wants "to apologize to the girl in the video because no one deserves the amount of backlash she received, I want her to know that I feel where she was coming from and wish we could have talked in a more positive and loving situation."

Tindle is the head of the team that created the short documentary The Things We Carry.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: It's terrible that she has been threatened in this way, but I don't see any way for this to go well here. -- LobsterMitten


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