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      All four Chipmunks movies overlaid simultaneously at half speed.
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We're baaaack.
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How is Neil Cicierega so good? How?

How long will this stay up before it is taken down by a simultaneous four-way copyright complaint?

The soundtrack is really avant-garde.
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This is horrible; but in a good way. (On the other hand, shouldn't we all watch the whole video before commenting?)
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The scariest part is finding out that there were four chipmunks movies.
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Dude, 4/20 was YESTERDAY....
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My hipster taste in music movies loves this!

Also, thanks for allowing me to link this great tune again.
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Neil is a national treasure.
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So this is what copyright infringement looks like in the fourth dimension! ("Of course, being 3-D creatures, we can’t fully wrap our minds around...4-D construction. The late mathematician William Thurston believed this was because our brains evolved to process linear, analytic information in one area and geometric shapes in another. So while we can easily solve equations with four or more variables, allowing us to dream up and manipulate objects in higher and higher dimensions, we struggle to perceive them.")
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David Cross's best work.
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I was just enthralled by the sludgy Quaaludes version of the Fox theme. Now do it at 2x speed!
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Alvin and the K-Hole
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Patton Oswalt used to do something like this as part of his show.
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Those don't look like any Alvin and the Chipmunks movies I recall.
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All it needs now is an overlay of The Parallax View to churn out an army of brainwashed assassins.
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I know I'm freaking old, but THIS is the way I remember Alvin (and the Chipmunks). Any of the multiple reboots since then are as much 'weird mutations' as anything Circieraga can dream up. (What? No Clyde Crashcup?!?) And that goes the same for Yogi Bear, AstroBoy, Popeye and Mr. Peabody and Sherman. You don't mess with something you got perfect the first time. Now get off my 2D animated lawn!
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Spoiler alert/trigger warning: This is worse than a bad acid trip.
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And now I want to try this for other obnoxious franchises. Give me all the Fast and Furiouses! All the Marvels of Misogyny! All the Lords of Sexless Elves! All the Wars against the Stars! All at once!
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This is maybe it counts as fair use.
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Magical... really comes to a head at 28:40
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This just reminded me that I live in a world where Alvin and the Chipmunks starts with the 20th century fox logo but Star Wars doesn't.
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clockwork: "Magical... really comes to a head at 28:40"

The flashing around 0:27 followed by the popping-up-with-scary-smile at 27:45 makes it feel so Lynchian, despite the utterly non-Lynchian background musical selection and slow motion skateboarders.

If you only watched the first minute or so, jump deeper in. There's a lot to enjoy besides just the general idea.
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No longer available. :(
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