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Uncube has ended. A Berlin-based digital architecture magazine that began in 2012 has concluded with issue #43, Athens. Known for its unconventional reportage and groundbreaking design, monthly themes ran the gamut from the desert to Iceland to outer space to, well, death.

The editorial and graphics team tweeted a farewell hinting at their next phase: &beyond, an aptly-named publishing collective.
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Both Death and the Desert issues have some fascinating articles, but the website navigation has given me the fantods, and I must go and put my head under the desk to recover.
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Agree about the interface, so much so that i've never stuck around for long to read much, though I've tried. In art school one of my teachers once referred to something that was clumsily over-designed as having been Cranbrooked (for the text-dense, oddly-formatted and long, stylistic shadow that school once cast over graphic design in the 80's/90's) and that's what i think of every time i've been linked to that site. Sorry OP.
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Given the choice, I, too, prefer a more conventional interface, especially if I want to deftly navigate between articles and skim content. But once a month, during that fleeting experience of a new issue, I enjoyed being freed from the necessity of scrolling and let the magazine unfold (in its dense, over-designed way) with each soft press of the right arrow key. If that sounds like poetic hogwash, so be it.
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I had to google the Cranbrooking style Conrad-Casserole was talking about and came up with this explanation - an experimental style of typography that is associated with the Cranbrook design school and one of it's instructors Ed Fella.
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thank you zenon
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