a subtle hypocrisy that suggests we think these foods are inferior
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Oh come off it. Almost every culture has better food than white North Americans, and it's not a pretense to recognize that fact.
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I think that author is trying too hard.
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Did Washington Post buy Slate?
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There's a real vibe of "ugh, americans" to this that's off putting to me. As though it's somehow a failing of people to not know the nitty gritty details of cuisine from other cultures. I'm all for food, and knowing the difference between Kashmiri and Goan is great, but when you start to look down your nose at average people for not knowing a great deal about food they probably don't have good access to that's where it gets shitty.

Hell the fact that his central thesis is "people don't want to pay more than 10 dollars for Indian food" Fucking hell, for most lower income people 10 bucks for a meal is a pretty hard limit, be it Indian or american. Then he goes on to dump on the people working at the restaurants for not being lifelong home cooks who use salt and oils to cover up imperfections. Home recipes with a million steps don't necessarily scale for commercial kitchens and those people are not at fault for not hitting his checkboxes for "authenticity"

The whole thing has a "fucking plebs" feeling that rubs me the wrong way.
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This was actually a good article - I went in totally skeptical (especially since it used the word "ethnic", which, like "exotic", is practically a racial slur to me), but thought it discussed a set of interesting aspects that I hadn't seen discussed elsewhere.

Right, I mean there are almost 50,000 Chinese restaurants in the United States, and yet most of us are unwilling to pay more than $10 for Chinese food.

It's absurd. I mean, in my mind it's one of the most subtle and sophisticated cuisines there are. The country has the largest number of people, with one of the longest food histories, and one of the most developed cuisines. The Chinese have been writing about food since long before the French, a thousand years before the French were writing about food extensively. We're just completely ignorant about it. And we're willing to make judgments based on that ignorance.

We walk in from the outside, and we have these very tight price straightjackets on which we frame our experience. We say, "I only want to pay $10, and it has to be spicy." And then we say, "Oh, that's obviously inferior to French cuisine, or Spanish cuisine," or whatever more familiar cuisine is in fashion at the moment.

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