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OSCAR is a prototype (the size of a human hand) consisting of clickable organ modules grown from human cells. (skippable auto-playing video warning)

"The Modular Body is an online science fiction story about the creation of OSCAR, a living organism built from human cells. The protagonist is Cornelis Vlasman, a versatile biologist for whom the path well-travelled is the most uninteresting one by definition. Together with a few like-minded people he therefore starts an independent laboratory in which he experiments with organic materials, on his own initiative, with his own resources and his own team."
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I'll need to wait until later when I can get on headphones to really absorb this, but from the about page this looks pretty cool.

It reminds of those online multimedia events from the late 90's.
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I caught this one the other day moments before the original post was deleted (for framing reasons, since it wasn't entirely clear that it was sci-fi) and was genuinely impressed by the fairly detailed level of realism, and the implicit body horror embedded in the premise. There's nothing specifically threatening about Oscar in and of itself, but what it represents is existentially terrifying.
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I haven't read through it sufficiently to know for sure but if they don't mention that OSCAR was built using HeLa cells, it lacks believability.
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Not to be confused with OSCar.
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I watched this yesterday, then I read it is a spoof. But it was horrifying, nevertheless.
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It reminds of those online multimedia events from the late 90's.

Did you go to one of those? What was it like?
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This is totally blowing my mind right now. What a bizarre, yet logical premise, presented in such a remarkably realistic manner.
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