The costs of reporting a rape on campus
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"Four months after reporting [sexual] assault, she received a letter from the associate dean of students. “You are being suspended from Brigham Young University because of your violation of the Honor Code including continued illegal drug use and consensual sex, effective immediately,” the letter read."

And at Kenyon College: "In the letter, Michael Hayes writes that what followed his sister's assault was a months-long "administrative process" that found "insufficient evidence to conclude that it was more likely than not that the college's policy on sexual assault had been broken at all." This was "despite her documented injuries, a bed stained with her own blood, her sexual orientation, and the combination of that much alcohol and prescription medication in her body."

“As an [sexual misconduct advisor], I’ve never seen a just outcome for a survivor handed down by this administration. Not once,” Durham wrote. “This is heartbreaking.”
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