The brain dictionary, a semantic atlas of the cerebral cortex
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A marvelous, interactive brain map (slow to load but worth it) showing how words (in the form of voxels) are stored. | YouTube video explaining the map | Mapping semantic systems in the brain. | Brain mapping.

This is your brain on The Moth. Scientists used Moth stories to make a sematic map. Alex Huth, Jack Gallant and colleagues set out to map the functional representations of semantic meaning in the human brain using voxel-based modelling of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) recordings made while subjects listened to natural narrative speech. They find that each semantic concept is represented in multiple semantic areas, and each semantic area represents multiple semantic concepts. The recovered semantic maps are largely consistent across subjects, however, providing the basis for a semantic atlas that can be used for future studies of language processing.

Gallant Lab on Twitter

Alexander Huth on Twitter
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