World Penguin Day Week
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Did you observe World Penguin Day? Opus did, and then managed to stretch it to a full week*.

*with a slight diversion for a day of hairballs.
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Obligatory Bumberstump Oxfordshire penglings pungwings pengwings pungins BLACK AND WHITE BIRD moment.
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Looks more like a puffin.
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For the benefit of those who did not grow up surrounded by B. Kliban cartoons: here's the original.
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Hey! You missed the orca one...
Orca Penguin day!
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I am so glad Berkeley Breathed decided to run Bloom County online..... saves my sanity sometimes, it does.
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You might consider this work to be Breathed's ...

Magnum Opus.
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s l o w c l a p
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You may or may not be aware that I am one of Opus' biggest fans on MetaFilter. In fact I was once paid by a Major Media entity to interview the Great 'Guin. (aftermath, including a humorous threat from 'Berk') It must be noted that while "The Opus Movie" never happened, Disney turned Berkeley Breathed's children's book "Mars Needs Moms" into their most UNsuccessful animated movie ever, yet another of his tomes, "Flawed Dogs" is now apparently in development at Dreamworks, which may be why they just sold out to Comcast.

Anyway, Bloom County 2016 is the ONLY reason I ever visit Flakebook, although it does also appear on the comics aggregator, but with a one-week delay and a chronologically incorrect title. Sigh.
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If you're allergic to facepalm you can get your Bloom County fix via reddit here.
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Freakbook or Deaddit? It's like choosing between Trump and Cruz (no, wait, Twatter is more Cruz so Deaddit is closer to Kasich? and yes, I admit it, GoneComics is totally like Jeb! ... please, mods, it's a political reference but it's just a joke!)
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oneswellfoop, your comment made me think just how great would it be for metafilter to have its own content hosting section for select works. I know, that's not what metafilter is, and that's what the web is for, silly. But "the web" is becoming a fractured place, and there are things that I'd love to just get via mefi. Or maybe I'm dreaming

I haven't read Bloom County since it came back, and now am wondering why. I knew it was back, but just didn't tap into that. It's sooooo good!!! What's wrong with me?
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[icnh] --- you probably held back for the same reason I was cautious: could it be as good as it was? What if, heaven forfend, the new strips disappointed?

Ah, but thankfully the Great BB is still the •Great• BB, and his crew are as wise, insane, hopeful, cynical and demented as they ever were!
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Freakbook or Deaddit?

The subReddit I linked is pretty innocuous; there's not much there except the comic strips themselves. While Reddit has its wild-west side you can avoid it. On Facebook, by contrast, you get tracked and snooped and adserved with every goddamn click no matter what it is you are trying to do.
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