Satan is an individualist
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Every movement needs it's Magician and Surrealism had Kurt Seligmann, a painter who was heavily into the Occult.
Gallery owner Rowland Weinstein was surprised that Seligmann's works was largely forgotten or unknown.
Here you can explore his prints and his written Magnus opus is still available.
A Biography and the full title quote and a couple more.
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(Man, I gotta start visiting 50watts more regularly again. Thanks for the post. #keepmefisurreal)
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Seligmann's book was one of my introductions to the occult. I knew he was an artist but I never really saw any of his art until I saw this show at Weinstein's gallery (one of the most interesting galleries in San Francisco.) Quite wonderful stuff.
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Great post adamvasco!

(I heard Satan was a team player before the big shuffle.)
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I heard about that Language of Birds exhibit like three days after it had closed out earlier this year. Post-FOMO strikes again!
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