The Savior of the Great American City
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If New York City were Middle Earth, Sauron would doubtless be portrayed by Robert Moses, destroying neighborhood after neighborhood in his own endless quest for greater power and a lifeless personal vision of the city that had no thoughts of its inhabitants. But when he set his eyes on leveling SoHo and Little Italy for a ten-lane expressway across Lower Manhattan, he ran up against an unlikely Frodo. Jane Jacobs would have been 100 years old today.
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Awesome. You can extend her legacy with Jane's Walk - citizen-led walks in neighborhoods around the world.
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Today's Google doodle features Jacobs. I particularly like how the urban neighborhood behind her sports a diverse array of building types. Jacobs argued that vibrant neighborhoods needed different types of buildings and from different eras (a mix of old and new). This made a neighborhood interesting and encouraged people to get outside and walk around.
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Jacobs said Chelsea in NYC would never be a cohesive neighborhood cause the avenues are too far apart and think about that every time I have to hike down one of those long-ass streets.
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Fellow mefite zompist has a nice primer on Jacobs' ideas here. (It was what inspired me to start reading her work way back when, though I actually found it when I was googling civ strategy tips and not via metafilter.)
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She saved my city from becoming another Detroit.
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Also her last book, Dark Times Ahead is really, really sobering, like in a "continued existence of civilization" way.
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I gotta say, if you grew up in Arizona before 1990, that Doodle may look oddly familiar.
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