The Animated William Blake
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The Animated William Blake "embraces both the freak and the genius, illuminating the artist's visionary poetry with juggling and physical theater." Earthly delights include t-shirts and fortune cookies.
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That looks to be three years old. Any information on current performances?
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Jay's a friend of mine. He's a long-time member of the "Cascade Jugglers" in Seattle. Recently, he wrapped up a couple of years performing with local legends "Circus Contraption." These days, he lives in Germany.

If you're in Seattle, do check out Circus Contraption! They're performing their latest show, Gallimaufry, now through April 6th. Only fifteen bucks for tons o' fun. Ages 21 and over. Mention my name at the door and get your lights punched out for free! Just kidding...
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Juggling seems an apt metaphor for William Blake's work—if he did anything with his painting and poetry, it was juggling Christian ideas in order to make them fit into his own imaginative cosmos.

I am constantly amazed by the way in which Blake pops up in popular (and not-so-popular) culture. His influence is astounding and diverse: the music of Jah Wobble, Jim Jarmusch's movie Dead Man and the painted poetry of Kenneth Patchen are just a few examples. Not bad for a man who was almost completely ignored during his lifetime.

"You were not mad, only time will tell, William Blake." (Does anyone else listen to Daniel Amos?)
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I saw Jay put this on at a fundraiser once and it was a really neat mix of literature and physical performance. He's one of the best jugglers I know. Circus Contraption has gone from being a spotty but inspired [aardvarks in tutus anyone?] performance to being a lot more tight [and starting a lot more on time]. They're performing out at their space at Sand Point and are worth a looksee.
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