Chicken Police?
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Nominated for best link title of the month.
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there was a tense stand-off moment right at the end.
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Man – if you'd waited just two more months, this video would be a full decade old. I feel like I remember this being one of the very first very popular Youtube vids.

Some NPR coverage of this video from a few years ago
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Watership Down 2: Rise of the Chickens
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I love this video, it makes me want to be able to retire somewhere I can have chickens in the backyard. I might need bunnies too.
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Those are some bad-ass herbivores.
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I just showed this to my sweetheart the other day. His first time my umpteenth.
The dialog I provided was as such:
Bunnies: oh yeah you a bad mammal bunny lover? or what? I'll show you what a badmammal jamming bunny loving .... [bunnies wrassle]
Chickens:[chickens rush in] What the, I told you mammals...Okay boys, break it up now. Spread out and settle.
Bunnies: but what?
Chickens: What we told you.
Chickens: And what did we tell you? [Chicken 1 flutters at bunny 1]
Bunny 1:...
Chicken 2: Do I need to remind you? [chest bumps bunny 2]
Bunny 2: That you the baddest mother cluckers around? [cowers]
Chickens: That's right. [Chickens exit, strutting right]
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I have two neighbors with three roosters between them. Yes, it's the one with the flock of ducks and a pair of goats and the active-duty police car parked in his yard when he's not on duty that has the two roosters. I've had to speak to him before about stuff, usually involving his children and unauthorized landscaping, so I am not going to go on "cop shit list" over roosters.

The third rooster is technically not my other neighbor's, who wanted yard chickens, but NOT THIS. No. It's the third rooster from Neighbor 1, staking out his brood, who has to be kept in their pen at all time now, because he is outside.

None of these fuckers can be bothered to wake at dawn. No. They wait until I am trying to work from home mid-morning to stake out various parts of my yard and yell like drunken congressmen at each other. They knock it off right around one in the morning.

Put me in the column for "Team Bunny."
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I had never seen this great clip; thanks for the post!
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That was great, and new to me as well. Thanks!
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