Pepsi Brown. Or Yellow.
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Pee & Poo

"The Pee&Poo brand was established in late 2004, in Stockholm, Sweden...The duo have been featured in a wide variety of magazines and TV. The Pee&Poo duo marry equal parts of aesthetic and educational elements, and has thus become a success among children an adults alike. Pee&Poo works just as well as potty training inspiration, as a cuddly companion."
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Pee&Poo are no strangers to water and enjoy a bath once in while

They also go swimming sometimes. It's always a riot when Poo drops by!
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This makes me optimistic for the success of my Play-Doo Fudge FactoryTM kickstarter.
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Pee and Poo. #1 and #2. Why does pee always get to go first? I would be so peed off if I was poo. All I am saying is....give poos a chance!
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[more inside]

take as long as you need, it's not a race.
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Do they have candy versions? These would make great candies.
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God Scandania, can't you just go back to making dull ass environmentally responsible wooden toys that literally no child wants? They were good enough for me.
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I now know what my nephew is getting for his first birthday
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Pee might want to think about hydrating more, that's quite a vibrant shade of yellow.
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I have these! Currently sitting on a shelf in my kids' room next to a trio of Doraemons and some Mario blocks that make noises when you press them.
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A few years ago I made a 365-papercraft-of-the-day tumblr and found these adorable pee and poop paper models. (self-link) I think it's a much healthier attitude towards toilet training than whatever we're doing in the U.S.
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Wait till Aunt Flo and Vomit drop by and then it will get really cute.
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At first I thought it was going to be this.
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