Free Alabama
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The Free Alabama Movement is an network of incarcerated men, spanning state prisons across Alabama; this May, many are participating in a labor strike, protesting the inhumane conditions and asking legislators to step in despite the governor's refusal to address the dire issues in Alabama prisons.
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It's good to see that Mississippi might have some competition for most backwards state in the country. But look out for Oklahoma!
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Required fees include... $31.50 for a urinalysis test.

This whole thing is screwed up in ways too numerous to count, but that jumped out at me. What kind of urinalysis? if it is medical, then why are inmates paying for health care? If as I suspect it is a drug screen, isn't that admitting that they are incapable of keeping contraband out of the prisons?
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As someone who didn't live all that far from Yellow Mama in south Alabama I can say that it's pretty much impossible to surprise me when it comes to the prison system down there.

Godspeed [mostly black, poor, and under educated] inmates.
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And, lest you forget, never read the comments on

... not enough eyeball bleach in the world.

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This is awful, but it's also nearly a certainty that nothing will come of it until and unless the state is forced to do something by the Federal courts or Congress.

Having lived in both MS and AL, I'm reasonably certain both are entirely doomed places that will continue to do horrible things internally -- either by commission or omission -- in the absence of adult supervision.
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I love that they started on May Day.
Solidarity, brothers.
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And, lest you forget, never read the comments on

The complete lack of empathy that these people feel. It's astounding.
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The complete lack of empathy

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