Solo la frunza de nuc
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Romanian walnut-leaf singing

BONUS VIDEO with extra joy and happiness
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Bless you, sir.
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He is emoting the way a vocalist does, not the way that musicians in one of these bands does. , that's super interesting. Also, that band is magnificent.
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This adorable lady shows how it's done (kind of).
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Romania is a culture that's hard to get a bead upon. Their cuisine, compared to their neighbor to the west, Hungary, is, to be frank, boring. They are democratic, European, and advanced technologically and culturally. This walnut leaf thing?

Benjamin Frankling took the annoying thing where you run your finger around the rim of a wine-glass, and made an instrument of it. The Glass Harmonica.

Up your weird game, Romania! Hosting the only slavic romance language may no longer be enough.
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Putting reverb on the leaf was a goddamn master stroke.
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Holding the walnut twig to show off that he's playing one-handed, to boot. The backing band's cowboy hats? Their almost reverential aplomb to his lilting manner? So much to unpack here...
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That's pretty nifty. As a child I learned how to hold a blade of grass between my thumbs and use it as something of a whistle/bird call. I wonder if this is somewhat similar? But it's done one handed, and much more melodically. I'll have to play around with some leaves tomorrow and see if I can make any noises.
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Today is a good day.
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This superhero needs a backstory. How he got this amazing power, who designed the cape, how his hair protects him from attacks, &c. Lafrunzaman! (I'm assuming he can part the seas with that sound, and woo young maidens off their front porches into his arms.)
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Another (capeless) superhero, on on ivy, demonstrating the maiden-spell.
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I can make a tuneless honk with a blade of grass, sometimes, so this was impressive.
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Here's a previously using fish scales, also from Romania.
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I think he's holding the walnut twig because they get kinda slobbery and soft after a few minutes and he just grabs a new leaf off the twig.
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So did anyone else as a kid fold wax paper over a comb and blow on it and make a sound similar to this? And did anyone else have to stop after 2-3 seconds because the vibrating feeling against their lips drove them crazy? And is anyone else having flashbacks to that feeling from just listening to this? 'Cause I am.
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Some people are simply destined for meme immortality.
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In case anyone forgot, the Numa Numa viral video was also originally Romanian.
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This is awesome and wonderful.
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"Can I get a bit more monitor on the leaf?"
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It appears Romanians like to take their what-the-fuckery with a heaping side of let's-get-serious-now.
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"Romanian walnut-leaf singing."

I don't even want to click on the link because it cannot possibly live up to the vision my imagination produces.
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