Vacillating mind inputs through text and video from Al Fry
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Al Fry is an old-school eccentric, mostly from the pre-internet days. He lives (or lived) out in Idaho, which was his home-base for distributing Fry's Incredible Inquiry's Catalog, covering "technology, alchemy, weird science (PDF), Tesla, anti-gravity, occult, crystal power, and other fascinating fringy topics." And then there are his videos, including Hidden World History and Strange Beings 1, narrated by A. H. Fry himself. His videos have been collected a few times over on YouTube (1, 2). And he has written about making tipis.
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And if you're trying to find his website, hasn't been his for a while ( view of the site)

... and I just now discovered a proper archive of his written material! And a bit more about Al Fry here.
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That PDF is amazing.
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old school Internet!
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Jeez Louise, I think I have that exact Incredible Inquiry Catalog, and it didn't cost no hundred and fifty bucks, I tell you what! Back when I was a young'un good folks like Al Fry would send you quality lunacy in the mail for FREE! Fry was a god among fringe polymaths. His catalog and the one put out by the Borderland Sciences Research Foundation (They're still around?!? Hot damn!) were invaluable resources for the aspiring young crank. Ivan Stang's High Weirdness by Mail brought together a lot of that sort of thing.
Now I just need to dig up my copy of Ed Mood's classic The Psychology of Purity and Chastity and get it scanned. Haven't found that one online yet...
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So the archive of Fry's material lead me to THE GOD YOU PRAY TO IS THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS which has an excerpt in the back for WAR IN HEAVEN by Kyle Griffith which you can read in cleaned up PDF form here. This is the third paragraph that hooked me:

I have been aware since 1946, when I was four years old, that my soul was
deliberately sent to this planet by an advanced extra-terrestrial civilization to assist
Earth people in dealing with a major crisis in their spiritual evolution. For this reason,
I’ve studied UFOs and related subjects as seriously as I’ve studied psychic and
spiritual phenomena, and the relationship between the two has always been obvious to

I'm up to Chapter 2 so far and it's starting to feel a bit TANIS in a non-drama BWOM way.
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So the archive of Fry's material lead me

... down rabbit holes within rabbit holes ...

From Modern Humans Comprehension Courses (PDF, [supposedly "approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, BRN Provider #02101, for twelve contact hours"], I found this "NFO" type text file about the compilation of texts, and the site that hosts it is a deep well of weird theories and occult books. The modern internet makes these "fringe science" books so widely available, it's hard to pick what to read next.
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we should do a podcast
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