Hilariously Giant Goalie Pads
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Molly Brooks loves hockey - like in a romantic comedy kind of way. She's a big fan of the Stanley Cup! But it seems like she's found her home on the fresh ice of the National Women's Hockey League. (previously)
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Terrarium of Iniquity is brilliant.
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Molly is the fantastic artist who drew a million airplanes and several hundred charming Katharine Wrights for the "Flying Machines" book we're doing with First Second. She is super super cool and seeing her here on the Blue was the nicest surprise!
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Molly Brooks is a really good cartoonist. I highly recommend Post which is an optimistic post apocalyptic story about remaking society, and Sanity & Tallulah whose subtitle Plucky Teen Girl Space Detectives should be enough to sell you on it.
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I am torn between the best part of these being that she nails how hard it is to be a female fan of professional hockey, or that she nails how adorable the Stanley Cup looks in a life jacket.
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This season is the first season in more than 25 years that I haven't paid real attention to hockey. I went to one game this entire year. I've been steadily growing more and more pissed off, for all of the reasons she outlined are why plus a few more; Patrick Kane was the straw that broke this camel's back.

And that's really terrible, because from everything I've read the NHL has a higher percentage of women fans than any other sport. And while I occasionally saw things that pissed me off, the last few years have just been . . . I almost feel like they've been deliberately trying to get rid of women. Maybe it's I'm more aware of stuff but geez it feels like it's gotten worse. Then I got thrown out of a game last year for getting into a shouting match with a guy who was making really loud, really vulgar remarks about what he wanted to do to the "ice girls" and he didn't (the fan SOS text didn't even bring anybody, either). The shouting match was a mistake on my part but it showed me how internalized all the anger and frustration has gotten, and how much of it I have.

ANYway this was FANTASTIC and I'm printing it out and putting it on the fridge - I've got a lot of hopes invested in these women's leagues; the bit about the Isobel cup made me weep like I just heard the announcer scream out Ray Bourque.
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This post is absolutely brilliant.

Hoisting the Cup is something every kid who laced on skates dreams about. I still dream about it.
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Also, if you like the NWHL and dogs, commissioner Dani Ryan's dog Tucker is on twitter and is very cute.
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This is great. I love women's hockey and I really hope the NWHL succeeds.
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Anyone else getting super sketchy adrocket redirects on the Toast article?
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