A “made in Italy” made by English
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How Marsala Wine Became an Italian Typical Product: "It is not by chance that, when in the 1960s a “Protected Denomination of Origin” system was established, Marsala was the first Italian product to obtain such recognition. The history of this wine and the role that it plays in the international commerce since the end of the 19th c., is however strongly reliant on merchants and entrepreneurs that were not Italian, but English."
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Fascinating read, thanks!
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Isn't this pretty much true for Port as well?
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And sherry.
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Port and sherry are also mentioned in the paper, he's just using Madeira specifically to demonstrate the case.
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I have a bottle of Marsala.
Ideas for its use beyond Veal Marsala are swell,
but it is very much port.
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Very interesting read, thanks for the post!

> Isn't this pretty much true for Port as well?

And for Bordeaux ("claret"), which he doesn't mention (but of course it's not fortified).
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And for Bordeaux

If I remember correctly, there were a good few Irishmen involved in the invention of Bordeaux, including, a certain O'Brien (= Haut-Brion).

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