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Sakana is a slice of life, romantic comedy (a sli-li-rom-com if you will) that takes place in a giant fish market in Tokyo, Japan. Our intrepid heroes must do battle with unruly seafood and THEMSELVES!!! in order to find love, inner peace, and a paycheck. By Madeline Rupert
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I love the manga-inspired artwork, and the concept is terrific . . . but, wow. This is a very liberal take on the way Japanese fishmongers communicate with each other, and the language they use. It almost reads best when you pretend they're not speaking Japanese.
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how do japanese fishmongers communicate with each other?
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Something kind of like the Victorian Language of Flowers, only using unsalable fish parts.
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I don't know anything about Japanese fishmonger culture, but I am a professional J-E translator and editor, and—hmm.

Sakana reads like exactly what it is: a comic strip written by someone who's an extremely skilled comic artist, and who decided to set a strip in a very peculiar and specialized environment itself mysterious even to native laypeople—and she's not that, either; she visited the country for two weeks and does not appear to speak the language.

So it's weird. It's a beautifully-executed ensemble comedy strip, but the English they're speaking is so deeply rooted in the rhythms of contemporary American comic dialogue that, as a translator, when I imagine translating it "back" into Japanese, the characters still feel very, very American. Charming though they are, they are not recognizable as people who work in even a fictionalized, comic-strip version of the Tsukiji market, and I'm honestly not sure how I feel about it.
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"Imagine that Hamilton were being presented as the way people actually talked back then."
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I'm on strip #15 and I'm liking this so far, with the requisite suspension of disbelief about the setting. But, wow, I just peeked at the latest strip and it's already up to #355! It's nearly three in the morning here and I must resist the urge to binge-read the rest...
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