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Bruce Leonard Cathie (1930–2013) [Wikipedia; obituary] was a pilot for the New Zealand National Airways Corporation. After a mysterious aerial encounter in 1952, he spent decades plotting UFO sightings, scrutinising ham radio operators, and developing an esoteric theory of reality involving UFOs, a regular worldwide grid system, anti-gravity [content advisory: gratuitous use of Matrix soundtrack], complex mathematics, and the geometric properties of atomic bomb detonations.

Cathie elaborated his theories in a series of books, starting with Harmonic 33 (1968), which inevitably found their way into the hands of high school students around the world. In the late 1990s, he updated his earlier books, Harmonic 695 and The Pulse of the Universe, Harmonic 288, and placed them online. Some highlights from the combined manuscript include the following chapters:

1: The Branching Areas for Investigation
2: Mathematics of the World Grid
4: Further Evidence of the UFO Grid
5: The Mysterious Aerials [ham radio operators and the UFO grid].
10: The Maps of the Ancients
14: Where Have All the Flyers Gone? [Explaining the Bermuda Triangle using the World Grid System]
15: People We Would Like to Know More About [Cathie's firsthand accounts of run-ins with spies and mysterious entities]
20: There Is Something in the Air [New Zealand UFO sightings]
29: Wake up, Earth!

Two long lectures presented by Cathie, recorded in the late 1980s, have been uploaded to YouTube: Part 1 (1 hr 14); Part 2 (1 hr 22), in which Cathie freely discusses CIA involvement, atomic testing, UFO sightings, harmonics, the artificial nature of the moon, lost technologies of the ancients, and more. Cathie's interviews continue to provide grist for number conspiracy theorists on YouTube. [Advisories: introductory mullet, old-school Kiwi accent, home-made graphics, Tesla conspiracies]

A collaboration with Oklahoma-based architect Rod Maupin enabled Cathie to map the world grid system using early forms of GIS, culminating in the World Grid website, which attempts to relate the positioning of various facilities (nuclear power plants; particle accelerators) onto the grid:
... a computer program has been produced which carries out all the required calculations related to the light, gravity and earth magnetic field values. It has been found that many ancient building sites such as Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid, etc., show relationships with this unified harmonic mathematical system and indicates that the knowledge is not new. The civilizations at these times must have had scientific knowledge of a highly advanced nature.

We are now in the process of relearning this lost science. If the discovered harmonic unified equations can eventually be accepted by the scientific community as correct, then we may be on the threshold of true space travel which has no barriers. The equations show that light speed is not a constant and that time itself is a variable. Under these conditions there is no place out there in space that we cannot reach. Obviously, there is more mathematical knowledge to be discovered, but it appears that the code has been broken. Soon, with a bit of luck, we on Earth may have the chance to join our neighbours out there in the vast blackness of space.

Cathie's work did not emerge from a vacuum. New Zealand has traditionally had thriving communities grounded in alternative spirituality and the pursuit of esoteric knowledge.

In 1978, an Australian TV crew succeeded in capturing footage of UFOs off the coast of Kaikoura, in New Zealand's South Island, a sighting that evidently remains unexplained despite sceptics who deploy phrases such as "squid boat lights," "camera shake," and "the planet Jupiter."

New Zealand and Australia were also prominent locations in the mystery aircraft phenomenon of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, as chronicled by Australian historian Brett Holman: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4; updated version subsequently published in History Australia.

Vintage New Zealand aviation UFO sightings from the Cathie era are now archived on the Ufocus New Zealand site, based on original versions taken from New Zealand Defence Force files and declassified in 2010. (Here is Wellington City Library's complete set, with readers in situ.) The full text of the NZDF's reports can be found here, via archive.org.
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This is great stuff and I can't wait to dig into it.

On Mysterious Universe recently they were discussing old civilian pilots' UFO reports (like Blue Book-era I think but, again, civilian), and how there's a cultural expectation that pilots, as a group, are inherently honest individuals because of their profession and the enormous amount of trust that we put in their hands as passengers. I think that kind of trust -- which, honestly, I don't think exists anymore after all the "pilot drunk/on drugs" stuff in the 80s and 90s and then 9/11 -- is a really fascinating artifact of a particular era brought to light just by their constant presence in any sort of UFO research.
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So atomic bombs have to be dropped at just the right time and just the right place - because harmonics and the position of the sun - or they won't go off?

That's a relief.
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I AM CONVINCED BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT that space is the home of countless billions of intelligent beings. Among those billions there must be a great percentage of entities whose physical appearance is similar to ours. The human form is a highly efficient mechanism and a design team would find it very difficult to make any improvements.

Dang! Almost had me convinced.
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I was fully aware that there was a possibility that I would be written off as a crank, but I soon decided that this was a chance I would have to take anyway. Obviously I had to be fairly careful how I handled information I was now receiving. If I pushed too hard, I would almost certainly be regarded as a Grade A lunatic, On the other hand, if I kept all the information to myself I would lose any advantage I might have gained, and I would be placing myself in a position that could prove to be quite dangerous. Other investigators of UFO phenomena in the past have disappeared or have been victims of strange accidents as a result of probing too deeply into the so-called flying saucer enigma.
I feel like if I read enough of Cathie's work I would hardly believe in Fox Mulder's fictionality anymore. This really is his voice — or, I guess, where Chris Carter got his voice from.
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The human form is a highly efficient mechanism and a design team would find it very difficult to make any improvements.

Three engineers - electrical, mechanical, and civil - all sat down one day to try to decide which of their disciplines God must have been to design the human body.

The electrical engineer said that you only had to look at the complex nervous system powered by electrical impulses to know that God must be an electrical engineer.

The mechanical engineer was sure that God must be a mechanical engineer, by reason of the advanced mechanical systems - the heart a pump, the veins pipes, and the tendons and muscles an advanced pulley system.

But after hearing the civil engineer's arguments, the other two agreed that God must be a civil engineer - who else would put a sewer system right next to a recreational area?
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The Higgs boson, explained.
The maximum value for the Speed of Light at the Earth’s surface, at the equator, is 144000 nautical miles/grid second. In harmonics we ignore zeros to the left or right of the decimal.

Therefore, Light Reciprocal would be 1/144 = 694444444444.

That’s the same harmonic that is derived from the mass of the Higgs boson.
God may not play dice with the universe, but he rounds his numbers. Makes the math come out better.
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I recall reading about a new type of light. No kidding. But I can't find the article again. Anybody?
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a. I tend to find obsessives such as this inspiring as long as they don't hurt people (or themselves)

b. unfortunately, I've been haunted lately by a comment I think I read hereabouts -- something to do with how, with the current ubiquity of phone-cams, UFO sightings seem to be way down while evidence of police brutalizing people is way up.
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I recall reading about a new type of light. No kidding. But I can't find the article again. Anybody?

C'mon guys, don't leave us in the dark!
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I'm glad someone is scrutinizing those ham radio operators!
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Here you go, Splunge.
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Yes they did radar track a UFO near Kaikoura in 1980.
However I feel your efforts would be better rewarded studying Roy Kerr a NZ mathmatician who helped prove mathmatically the existance of Blackholes. In a recent newspaper article he said that all galaxies have black holes at the centre of them; small ones have a weight 400 million times greater than our sun !, others billions times heavier.
Some galaxies would be uninhabitable because of the radiation the black holes emit.
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I'm glad someone is scrutinizing those ham radio operators!

There are good reasons to keep an eye on us ham radio operators; we can be a squirrelly bunch. But our quad antennas are not cause for concern, TYVM and FFS. "Crank" and "Grade A lunatic" both apply to Cathie, as he foresaw.
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Yes they did radar track a UFO near Kaikoura in 1980.
However I feel your efforts would be better rewarded studying Roy Kerr a NZ mathmatician who helped prove mathmatically the existance of Blackholes
What fascinates me isn't so much the "work," such as it is, but the phenomenon of Cathie himself—the wormhole he opens up to an older, weirder New Zealand, and the way fragments of him keep circulating like uncanny survivals on the conspiratorial fringes of YouTube.
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Speak for yourself, bryon. My cubic quad may be resonant on 40, but the feedline is woven from unobtanium lysergic trimethyloxide strands recovered from the Roswell craft, and a secret button on my FT101ZD transceiver activates the trans-galactic ansible to keep me in constant contact with the Gray Masters. (We had a bit of a tiff recently over whether to switch to DMR or D-STAR, and I think Throgbor-Magus Chi (ZQ9UFO) is still in a huff.)
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Aaaaaand, there goes plausible deniability.
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Cathie and his Harmonics are certainly a relic from a more civilised epoch of psychoceramics, back when the kooks were largely gentleman amateurs with peculiar fixations and insights. (See also: various 90s USENET cranks with novel theories of physics and mathematics.) That age seems to have ended some time after 9/11, when the Dumb Mean Hicks took over, and it all became about jet fuel/steel beams and sinister/treacherous outgroups up to no good.
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