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Need to hire a video production company? You're in luck! Fred and Sharon make movies. Or, if Fred and Sharon are all booked up, Eyetech Video Productions might be available.
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250 area code. I knew those accents sounded familiar.
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* insert gif of Castle speechless *
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Needs the nottimanderic tag
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Gimme a shot please!
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Instead of a low-quality freebooted copy, please enjoy the higher-quality original version of "Who Needs A Movie?"
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Lets do a kickstarter and send them to Burning Man and see what comes out of it.
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The previously is especially worthwhile as it includes an interview with Fred and Sharon. They're totally nice.
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Mod note: Link replaced with the higher-quality version.
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I would imagine there's little overlap between crowds but Daniel Tosh recently interviewed Fred on his show. Apparently he (Fred) and Sharon are no longer together... well, they physically are, they still live together, but are no longer an item.
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I can't imagine why they split up, she comes across as such a lively, joyous, grab-life-by-the-horns kind of gal.
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