google's secret search technology revealed...
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google's secret search technology revealed... i knew it was something more than hundreds of computers working together... i just never thought it'd be pigeons.
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posted by ajbattrick at 1:21 AM on April 1, 2002

Well, of course. I suspect that a lot of the big sites use similar technology for content creation. You can tell by the quality of the content.
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This always cracks me up, the whole pigeon and internet connection including Carrier Pigeon Internet Protocol which was discussed here". The google page is a nice extension of this. Is it the first time they have put up that page, or is it an annual thing?
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Today my website got a hit from someone who searched google with a query that was half in English, half in Japanese. Except links on my customers' front pages, Google is my best advertising (and free!)
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Is Google a public company yet? The sanity reflected in this kind of thing makes me want to invest in the company.
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btw, last year's Google joke for April 1 is here.

(oh -- ParisP, Google is still privately held, but there's been talk of a public filing, it's probably just a matter of when they think the market turns more favorable...)
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