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Mind Webs: semi-dramatized readings of classic science fiction stories by Le Guin, Ballard, Wolfe, Clarke, Dick, Bester, Bradbury, Sheckley, Lafferty, Leiber, Merril, Brunner, Russ, Davidson, Matheson, Vonnegut, deFord, Asimov, Counselman, Spinrad, Bloch, Niven, Clingerman, Harrison, Sturgeon, Aldiss, Knight, Saberhagen, Saxton, Pohl, Silverburg, Cheever, Zelazny, Farmer, Simak, Dybek, Dahl, Priest, and many others. Originally broadcast between the late 70s and early 90s by WHA (AM) of Madison, Wisconsin.

(A brief history of the show with an episode guide and reviews.)
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I'm getting an "Item cannot be found." error. Bummer.
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Mod note: Fixed the link, carry on.
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Nice find — highly appreciated. Thanks!
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Thank you for posting this! I'd learned about it a while ago when trying to find a copy of Rollerball Murder, but had forgotten it existed. Just in time for a plane trip this afternoon!
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Forgive me for asking this, but do they actually have the rights to do this? How could we tell?
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Boy, I hope so, because this is so completely up my alley.
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do they actually have the rights to do this?

Probably not! But as a full legal release would require WHA (or its parent network, WPR) to re-license 188 short stories from the estates of 135 authors and clear the rights for dozens of hours of background music, this is almost certainly the only way you'll ever be able to hear these shows.

(The Internet Archive would presumably remove the files if any rights holders objected, just as they would if takedown notices arrived for Suspense, The Whistler, X Minus One, Sci-Fi Radio, or Nightfall.)
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Yeah, my impression is that IA's philosophy leans toward archiving first and handling disputes when and if they come up, on the principle that the archiving itself is a net good and might not get a chance to happen before it's too late if sorting out muddy rights stuff is given total priority.
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I remember fondly stumbling across these in the Internet Archive many moons ago and working through them systematically obsessively. If you like radio drama and/or sci-fi they are not to be missed.
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i've ben looking for a recording of Ray bradbury reading Kaleidoscope for ages. I had it on tape when I was a kid, and I think that he was captured later in his life on my recording, but it's still real great to find this ! Thanks !
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