On Martha Stewart Living this morning,
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On Martha Stewart Living this morning, Martha showed how to make the perfect glass of water, how to peel a grape, and how to add a decorative touch to cereal boxes. I was almost sucked in. Nice work Martha, who knew she could laugh at herself? What other April Fool's Day pranks and pages have you found?
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Google has 'The secret technology behind Google's amazing accuracy' linked from their homepage today.
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DMOZ was built by Bill Gates.
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WorldNetDaily has all these whacked conservative stories that no one would every buy into - their site is hilarious! Oh... wait a minute...
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Between this mention of Martha and the earlier Car Talk thread, I have to mention this. Not an April Fools thing... it's even weirder. (She did a great job, but did accidentally refer to herself in the third person a couple of times. Creepy.)
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Aside from Jishafilter other weblogers have done some april fool-izing to their sites including:
Weblog Wannabe's Blooper
D's Bogger
Fairvue's Wil Wheaton spoof (not to be confused with the Wheaton OS now being offered at Think Geek)
a large head's invisible site
TeeVee's site
the Slashvertisements at /.
Google discusses their Technology
BBspot joining forces with MSN
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the pitchfork one was a hoot. i usually pop in on fridays and read a week's worth. thanks for pointing that one out!
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(via tomshardware.com)
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Wil Wheaton to re-enter Star Trek Universe?
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The Moon is made of green cheese!!!
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Heh heh... that's a great link, vacapinta.
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Coming Attractions has a couple of fun "movie" news things up... The best being the link to the Star Wars News Site TheForce.net ..

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RedHerring.com : Failure, Inc. article is 'Top Story'. Mentioned in the article is the new business incubator Failsafe eVentures.
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Some small town papers celebrate April 1. I've been surfing sub-40,000 circs and found a page of them. I’d also suggest looking at the April issue of Discover magazine. Not sure if they still do it, though.

“U.S. Rep. Barbara Cubin, R-Wyo., collapsed on the floor of the U.S. House last week and was taken to a local hospital, where she was treated for shock and released.

A statement from her press office said, ‘Mrs. Cubin was shaken up after she realized that she had lost her daily orders from the House leadership. Without those, she was unable to function and collapsed.’”
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wait what were you doing looking at martha stuart's webpage???
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craigslist is selling banner ads, maybe.
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