Come for the handmade dollhouse miniatures, stay for the ninja hamster.
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Japanese YouTube user HMS2 creates meticulous handmade dollhouse miniatures: DIY Fake Food, DIY Dollhouse Items. There are also hundreds of kit-making videos, from food replicas to complete villages. Yes, there are Re-Ment unboxings! And oh yeah, he also built a ninja mansion for his hamster. h/t [Alert: Ninja mansion link has auto-hamster music.]
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Oh this is incredible. I have always been obsessed with miniatures and only recently tried to take it to the next step of actually making stuff. I've only managed to make a few very crude pieces so far. These are very detailed and obviously a labor of love.
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This is one of my favorite youtube channels! Here's an earlier post with a really neat tiny thing and here's an unrelated channel that you may like if you like tiny things in general.
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I always wonder if I should have gotten into this kind of thing back when Freamon originally inspired me.
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between this and the guy repainting the dolls' faces with tiny brushes I have no squees left
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I love this channel. And one of the things I love about it is that he does all this, this methodical, meticulous creation of tiny things, in silence. No annoyingly chirpy hold music, no cheery commentary, just the quiet sounds that his craft makes and the occasional background noise, like birdsong or the chatter of people in the distance.

Ah, peace.
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I was browsing Hi Fructose a week or so ago, and came across this entry on miniatures. It caught my eye because I'd been working, off and on, on a 1:12 scale scene incorporated into a bookshelf, and was getting more ambitious with it. So I've been looking up a lot of miniaturist and dollhouse projects, they're brilliantly inventive and resourceful, and it's been one of my favorite rabbit holes to fall down, lately.

It occurred to me looking at the Hi Fructose entry, that miniatures (to the exclusion of wargaming and model trains I suppose) are, like doll repaints, hobbies enjoyed by predominately female enthusiasts. But when they pop up on an art site or an isn't-this-interesting site, it seems like most of the time the example is one where a man tried his hand at it, and it became worthy of artistic consideration.

Ugh I know everything is for everyone, and I like the content. I've been marveling at so many amazing creations lately, and it's one of those things where no single example of neato art is a bad thing, but the cumulative pattern of which works get higher-profile notice has just a bit of a bummer.
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He's got a great eye. I admire his ability to eyeball so many details and have them look just right. I'd love to see the plans, though, and a list of supplies. Not that I need more glue, but I need his glue.

As an artist, my collage work also involves intricate cutting, and my papercraft project involved cutting a lot of patterns with a bajillion straight lines. He demonstates two techniques that make the work easier:

For help cutting straight lines, check out the ramen video at 2:48. The way he drops the point of the knife at one end and uses that to align the straight edge is so much faster than trying to line up the edge and then holding it in place to cut.

For general intricate cutting, many people assume it's better to use small scissors for jobs like this, but I believe in using the largest scissors that will fit. As you can see at :38 in the Cup Noodles video, a longer blade let's you make longer, smoother cuts. Hold the paper in one hand and turn it as you gently close the scissors.
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Hamster Feats Of Strength!
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I guess it makes sense that a giant would own a giant hamster.
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