Batten down the hatches!
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A most succinct expression of a child's imagination. Get in the Boat! (imgur gif) (via reddit) (keepmefiweird)
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"Be brave, motherfuckers!"
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This is wonderful. (YT original)
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Action Movie Kid is great.
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bwahahaha the Driving 2 Fast video is all I have ever wanted in life.
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Thanks to this post I just traveled down the wormhole of all things Action Movie Kid. So adorable! and clever! and creative!

His father, Daniel Hashimoto, works as an animator for DreamWorks. And man is his talent ridiculous. I watched a couple of the making-of videos and while I can sorta kinda get a layperson's grasp of what he's talking about, that kind of skill is beyond impressive to me.
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Calvin would understand and Hobbes would agree...
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The "making of" video is very illuminating. It was done in AfterEffects. The basic effect of putting the ocean behind the kid was easier than I thought it would be (using masking, the 3D camera tool to match movement, then inserting a stock footage backdrop), but then as he adds layers and layers to do lightning and rain and water filling the boat and it soon gets very sophisticated. That guy has some serious skills.
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