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Adam After Being Poisoned By A Manchineel Tree In Antigua, in which the amazingly upbeat Adam kills time on the trip to the doctor by documenting for posterity the effects of touching his face after picking up one of the fruits.

Manchineel trees and other spurges previously
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There is a great account in the BMJ written by a doctor who took a bite from a manchineel fruit. It includes this bit:
Sadly, the pain was exacerbated by most alcoholic beverages, although mildly appeased by pina coladas, but more so by milk alone.
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Adam is high as a kite. Who wants to have a Manchineel-Pina Colada party?
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Eve would like it noted for the record that she was NOWHERE NEAR HIM AT THE TIME.
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Misread that as "Adam Ant being poisoned..." and was all set with my 'well now you really are desperate but not serious' but ah well i guess that won't work now ok.
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"Ah, I touched my face! Why'd I touch my face?!"

Poor guy.
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