We'll have funn funn funn 'til your daddy takes the Funn Pack™ away
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Artist Dan Das Mann* has created a wearable Full Party System (and instant Performance Art device) called the Funn Pack™ with loudspeakers, smoke machines, a bubble machine, mirror balls AND FREAKING LAZERS, all battery-powered, self contained and wearable. (yep, this Halloween, I'm dressing up as HIM)
*of L.A.'s BIG ART LABS, LLC so you know he's a professional. Also, absolutely NOT related to Dat Boi
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His Youtube channel has video of the vehicle-sized prototype. Groovy.
posted by lharmon at 7:21 PM on May 28, 2016

I am disappointed that there's no harmonica in evidence.
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All fun and games until someone spills a drink on him and short circuits his trousers....
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Looks like something Rob Cockerham would have once made.
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Sponsored by the Orthopaedic Surgeons of America.

My back!
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Funn funn funn auf der Autobahn?
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Imagine if you will, a cacophony of light and sound that is the foundation of a generations music. Like the Pied Piper before him, a man named Dan 'The' Mann will enter that scintillating world of dream coats and advanced technological marvels that surpass a mere Jukebox.
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Love Prey Eat by P. Mantis
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er, wrong thread
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Wearing all that, how does he engage in the inevitable bar fight that will occur when a bunch of drunk rednecks (or whoever) don't like him in "their" bar?
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I wouldn't want to fight that guy. He's teetering on the verge of supervillainy. Can you rule our the possibility that he's got a panic button that will leave an attacker deaf and blinded by both smoke and lasers? Think of just how many ways there are of weaponizing a bubble machine...
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It looks like it built around a pretty standard external frame hiking backpack so almost all the weight is actually being supported on his hips. 50 pounds with a decent hiking backpack isn't really that bad although obviously all the disco balls sticking out make him incredibly cumbersome. My guess is that even with a nice battery though the sound system nukes the run time on that battery fast.

It probably sucks trying to get it through security checks as well.
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I'm not seeing the connection between the Funn Pack and Powerpuff Girls, but good for you! I love HIM.
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Pinkie Pie would be proud.
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I hope he wears earplugs.
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His Facebook page has a video of the wearable in action. I've no idea how to link a fb video on mobile, so here's a link to the page itself.
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This guy, or someone like him, is on the bus with me every time I ride.
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Yikes, I was gonna say this has got no cake on International Dance Party which is similarly self-contained but noted that der Funn Pack loads in an additional 400W of audio.
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